Let us introduce you to new customers.

OpyPay gives you more than smarter payments. We help you reach new audiences through our extensive marketing channels.

Access a new customer base

Highly engaged and loyal customers.

As an Opy merchant partner, you can get your brand in front of our ever-expanding database of financially savvy, highly engaged and active customers who are typically Gen X and have a propensity to make repeat purchases.

We work across multiple verticals including Retail, Home Improvement, Healthcare and Automotive meaning that as an Opy partner you can benefit from targeting audience segments that best fit your brand.

Marketing support

Collaborating for success.

We offer a wide-range of co-marketing opportunities and can work with you to deliver targeted campaigns.

  • We want you to think of us as an extension of your marketing team, where we work with you to get the most from OpyPay from set up to launch and beyond.
  • Onboarding support with best practise guidance to signpost OpyPay to your customers, optimise the customer journey and ensure compliance
  • Launch campaign activity to introduce you to the Opy Pay audience
  • Post launch, ongoing inclusion in OpyPay marketing activity, bespoke opportunities and continued optimisation of marketing communications

Trusted by our users as well as our partners.

Protect your brand by partnering with a responsible payments provider.

Collaborating for success.

We work closely with our merchant partners to provide a variety of opportunities to reach and engage new audiences.

Social shout outs

We’ll push your brand and promotions out across our highly engaged social media channels.

Seasonal campaigns

Feature in our seasonal campaigns and events throughout the year from Mother’s Day to Back to School and the all-important Festive period

Slide into their inbox

Our regular newsletters, updates and promotions will drive new audiences to your site.

Promotional Events

Get involved in OpenMay our hugely popular annual event featuring exclusive offers from our partners.

What our clients say…

Vet treatment can be very expensive for most people, and can sometimes be very unexpected as well. It is great to be able to offer this service to our clients.

We have fewer clients in debt with us, and the account gets paid straight away, so we can afford more services as we are not carrying a whole lot of debt.

Receptionist – Montrose Veterinary Clinic

What our clients say…

“Openpay is an important partner of both the AP Eagers and AHG businesses. Openpay is offered throughout the majority of our passenger vehicle dealerships, and we view this as a powerful customer retention and upselling tool.”

Wade Herman – Head of Operations – AP Eagers & AHG

What our clients say…

“In the four months since the integration was turned on, we have so far completed 107 plans, to a value of AU$46,249 – business which we could have otherwise lost.”

Abby Richards – Practice Manager – Greenhills Vet Hospital