The Winners List

Mon 1 May – Monday 31 May 2021

That’s a wrap for OpenMay in 2021. Congratulations to…

Round 1 // Monday 10 May, 2021

Saturday 1 May: Kate B, Victoria

Sunday 2 May: Aiden B, Western Australia

Monday 3 May: Joel I, Queensland

Tuesday 4 May: Vaughan A, Tasmania

Wednesday 5 May: Michael D, Victoria

Thursday 6 May: Rebecca D, Victoria

Friday 7 May: Cherie C, Western Australia

Saturday 8 May: Hayley F, New South Wales

Sunday 9 May: Charlotte R, New South Wales

Round 2 // Monday 17 May, 2021

Monday 10 May: Bradley T, New South Wales

Tuesday 11 May: James H, Queensland

Wednesday 12 May: Shantell B, New South Wales

Thursday 13 May: Summa M, South Australia

Friday 14 May: Kerinne N, Queensland

Saturday 15 May: Shakiera A, Victoria

Sunday 16 May: Kerri M, Queensland

Round 3 // Monday 24 May, 2021

Monday 17 May: Nathan H, New South Wales

Tuesday 18 May: Edward H, Queensland

Wednesday 19 May: Rachel B, South Australia`

Thursday 20 May: Liam P, Victoria

Friday 21 May: Amanda C, New South Wales

Saturday 22 May: Simone G, Victoria

Sunday 23 May: Holly V, Queensland

Round 4 // Tuesday 1 June, 2021

Monday 24 May: Melissa J, Queensland

Tuesday 25 May: Mona M, New South Wales

Wednesday 26 May: Michael K, Western Australia

Thursday 27 May: Wendy, Victoria

Friday 28 May: Lyn M, Queensland

Saturday 29 May: Laine C, Northern Territory

Sunday 30 May: Jamie M, Victoria

Monday 31 May: Theresa H, Queensland