16th March 2021

Choose To Challenge – International Women’s Day.


In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of the incredible women in the Openpay community who are breaking down barriers, challenging the status quo and sharing a little bit of wisdom with us. We will be delving deeper into what it’s like working for Openpay and what this year’s theme of IWD means to them.

Read the full article below to get an insight into Georgina Whalley; mum, Openpay CMO, and proud owner of her darling cat, Whisky!

Georgina Whalley

Why do you love working at Openpay

It has to be a combination of the people, the company culture and my role. Openpay is one of the most inclusive businesses I have worked for and the amount of energy invested in people and well-being is fantastic. Many companies talk the talk but not all of them walk the walk, Openpay does. As my role is global, I have the pleasure of working with teams in Australia, USA and the UK on a daily basis and not just with marketing but also with tech, growth, compliance and more, meaning no two days are the same. I love that, it keeps me on my toes, helps me learn new things and means you really feel the impact you can make as part of a fast-growing fintech brand.

What excites you most about the BNPL sector?

The pace at which it is growing and how innovative the sector is. It i’s so exciting to be part of the next generation of payments and be helping to shape the future of the sector.

What is your ideal morning routine?

Now that depends on which time zone I need to deal with first as I am often online very early, but ideally I would wake up naturally, have a strong coffee and some porridge with honey, do some video calls and emails and then go for a run or do a bootcamp session before getting on with the rest of the day.

Favourite quote or mantra to live by?

I actually have this one on my wall by my desk – “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.’ Guatama Buddha. I also like ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’

Who is another woman that has helped you in your life or career and why?

My sister-in-law, I have known her since I was 12 and she was 18 and she has gone on to be an extremely successful CFO, mother and wife. She has championed me from my teenage years, always telling me I can achieve whatever I want in work and life, not to have self-doubt, that my life is in my control and that woman are equal to men and no one should ever be made to feel different. And she’s right.

Tell us something that is important to you outside of work.

Obviously my family, my daughter Erin in particular, she’s nearly 11 and it’s amazing watching her grow up (but also quite scary). Oh, and my cat Whisky who has epilepsy so he’s quite time consuming.

What does this year’s theme #choosetochallenge mean to you?

I hope it means more people will have to courage to call things out without fear of repercussion, be that in their work or personal lives. If we don’t all speak up nothing with change. I know I haven’t always had the confidence to do that in my earlier years, but I absolutely do now. I do it because it’s the right thing to do, because I am in a position where I can drive change and because I want to build a better world for my daughter to grow up in.

Theresa Abela

Meet Theresa Abela Openpay’s Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operations Officer who juggles not one but two major departments at Openpay, a mum of 3 children who has a keen passion for travel and mentoring others.

Why do you love working at Openpay?

The people! I have an amazing global team with super talented individuals that inspire me to bring my best to work every day.

What excites you most about the BNPL sector?

It’s a fast growing, innovative and fast paced industry (you just never know what’s already the corner!)

What has been your biggest challenge or success being a female leader in the tech industry?

Building the global Risk function and Operations function at Openpay from the ground up whilst balancing a young family (particularly during the hard lockdown of COVID).

Favourite quote or mantra to live by?

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Who is another woman that has helped you in your life or career and why?

There have been so many incredible women that I deeply respect and have supported me across all aspects of life including the amazing women I have worked with in the UK and in Australia. I’ve also been lucky enough to build strong relationships with women in the financial industry that have ended up becoming my mentors. Each of these women have taught me an incredible amount, but in particular the values of humbleness, thought leadership, resilience and perseverance.

In saying that, above all, the woman who has been the greatest pillar of support, and continues to be, is my mum. She migrated to Australia in the 1960s to start a new life with very little, and worked extremely hard to give me the opportunities in life to achieve my goals and I’m so grateful for that.

What does this year’s theme #choosetochallenge mean to you?

Embracing diversity, raising awareness around unconscious bias and supporting and celebrating woman in the workforce.

What advice would you give your younger self about navigating the tech/corporate world as a woman?

Never assume that someone can read your mind, speak up (nicely)!

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