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Take the power of payments back. It’s your money, you decide how to spend it.

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ATV increase for leading national dealership

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Get paid upfront, in full.

You’ll get paid the next business day (minus any fees) while customers spread the cost.


Flexible solutions to suit your business.

Most flexible BNPL solution in the market.

Increase ATV

Industry leading ATV increase.

Take the fear out of big spends by letting customers spread the cost.

Improved competitive advantage.

Give customers payment options to suit their needs.

Brand loyalty

Better brand loyalty.

Flexible payment options give customers something to come back for.

Increase conversion.

Customers are more likely to convert when purchases feel more affordable.

Why Openpay?

Flexible payment plans for motors.

Our flexible payment plans let car owners spread car maintenance over 2–24 months, with no interest. By offering a responsible, alternative payment method, car owners can access the best level of service and accessories while still managing their costs.

Simple solution.

A seamless, flexible payment solution.

Openpay’s flexible, digital solution puts the customer in control, allowing them to choose a payment schedule to suit their needs, and keep track in a simple app.
For dealerships – less time wasted on payment administration, means more time providing the best level of service to clients’ cars.

Ongoing support.

With you every step of the way.

Our friendly support team, online resources and easy-to-use tech will have you feeling looked after at every step.
We support multiple integration options to meet your business requirements including simple web portal access, integration into available dealership software and online integration.

  • Support through setup
    Our dedicated integrations teams will work with you to have you up and running in no time.
  • Roll-out support
    We get you up and running with marketing, training, staff engagement, customer communications, reporting & point of sale materials.
  • The personal touch
    Online or on the phone, we’re here to help make sure your experience is simple and seamless.

What our clients say…

“Openpay is an important partner of both the AP Eagers and AHG businesses. Openpay is offered throughout the majority of our passenger vehicle dealerships, and we view this as a powerful customer retention and upselling tool.”

Wade Herman – Head of Operations – AP Eagers & AHG

What our clients say…

“Openpay has helped in reducing service customer bill shock. Offering Openpay helps our customers spread the cost of an unplanned service or repair bill to fit in with their budgeting”

Ben Armstrong – Service Manager – Titan Ford

What our clients say…

“Openpay has helped us retain customers who are owners of older vehicles. These customers can easily be lost to non-franchise service businesses. Openpay has proven to be a powerful retention tool and keeps customers in the dealership when it is normally hardest to retain them”

Roy Daynes – Service Manager – Nuford & Seaview Ford

What our clients say…

“Openpay has helped us achieve a higher R/O value. The average value of an R/O that we fund through Openpay is 100% higher than when customers pay with cash or credit card. The flexibility of repayment dates that can be tailored to suit the customer is also a major benefit to using Openpay.”

Kristian Menegola – Service Manager – Lynford Motors

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    UltraTune increases ATV with Openpay

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    Home or Away

    Home or away Loganlea, boasts 64% higher average transaction value with Openpay.

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Effortless Integrations

We integrate with a number of leading platforms and partners to help you integrate Openpay with ease.